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  • I first went to this clinic because it was the closest to my house. The first time I called to make an appointment the staff made me aware of a Groupon that would save me some money. It was so nice to be able try them out at a discounted rate. A couple months after my first visit my kitten suddenly collapsed on Christmas Eve. We rushed her to this vet where they informed us she likely has a condition that is not treatable. I was really pleased with how informative the Dr. was and how honest he was. I could have spent thousands there trying to diagnose her but he was very honest and straight to the point and gave us our options. Unfortunately we had to put her to sleep but the way they treated us after leaving the hospital is what made me write my first yelp review. Within days I received flowers, hand delivered by a local florist with very kind condolences. A few days later I checked my mail and found a card in there hand signed by each employee. This vet wen to above and beyond to comfort us I couldn't even believe it. It is nice to know that they really do care and continue to provide support and comfort after our bill is paid.

    Tiffany A.

  • I'm rarely a reviewer on Yelp, but I really loved the care this crew gave us for our beloved dog. We came here on the recommendation of family several years ago, when our dog was pretty healthy. They were great with routine things as he aged: arthritis, dental concerns; they would often give us discounts for bundling multiple, necessary interventions into a single visit. They were always compassionate and loved our dog as much as we did. Front office staff was also very helpful in submitting invoices to our insurance company. The real skill for the medical staff here came when they detected cancer for our dog on a screening exam. This was picked up early on a routine checkup. We were referred immediately to surgeons and oncologists. They estimated that our dog had 6 months or so to live, perhaps a little bit more with surgery and chemotherapy. In the end, he got 2.5 years more. Every day with him was a gift. We really credit Dr. May and his colleagues for picking up this cancer so early... I'm sure that we would not have had nearly so much time with our dog if it had been detected later. In sum: caring, compassionate, and thorough. Great place and I would recommend it to anybody.

    Peter R.

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