CVH Status Amid COVID-19

In response to the recent “Shelter In Place” order implemented in Santa Cruz County, this notice will serve to inform you regarding available services at Capitola Veterinary Hospital.

There is no higher priority at Capitola Veterinary Hospital than the safety of our Clients, Patients, and Staff and we want you to know that we continue to be open to provide care.

While there is currently no evidence that pets become ill from COVID-19 nor that they transmit it to other animals, including humans, we have an obligation to help mitigate the spread of the virus. As a veterinary hospital, we are considered an essential service to our community and want to emphasize that we are still here to take care of you and your pets.  However, we are adopting some new protocols, which may be altered as needed, to keep you and your pets healthy. We are asking for your understanding of and cooperation with these protocols in order to meet our common goals.

There are very few services that we would consider non-essential to your pet, however, if you do not have any immediate health concerns, we please ask that you wait to schedule your visit with us until after April 7th.  What we are calling essential services may include, but are not limited to; illness, injury, rechecks of chronic disease, recurring medical treatments, signs of pain, vaccinations that are due, time-sensitive prescription refills, or scheduled procedures and surgeries.  Please do not delay seeking care for your pet if they have signs of illness and please call for advice if you are not sure if your pet needs to be seen.  We also may be able to conduct a phone consultation in lieu of an in-person visit in very special circumstances.

Modifications of our standard appointment protocols will be as follows:

  1. Please call our office prior to entering the building. Our lobby is quite small, and we will be allowing only one client on each side (dog side and cat side) at a time.
  2. Please observe the floor tape markings, which will outline the minimum recommended social distances.
  3. Please limit the number of people accompanying the pet to their appointment to the minimum necessary in order to safely transport the pet and make medical decisions on their behalf. Children should not accompany pets to appointments unless there are no other accommodations available. As always, ALL pets MUST be securely tethered or housed in carriers before exiting your vehicle and entering the hospital. Only one client will be permitted on each side of the lobby at a time so please call us when you arrive for your appointment.
  4. Please limit the number of toys or bedding that accompanies your pet in a carrier, to the extent that your pet is not uncomfortable.
  5. A technician or veterinary assistant will obtain a medical history while you are seated in the lobby. This may also be conducted outdoors if needed (weather permitting) and if deemed safe for your pet. This will be decided when you call us to let us know you’ve arrived. Once a medical history has been obtained, your pet will be taken to see the doctor and you will be asked to wait outside, in your vehicle, or at home if more convenient, while they are examined.  Please keep any leashes with you as we will have hospital leashes to use instead.  A veterinarian or staff member will then call you to discuss recommendations and an estimate for services.
  6. Please be prepared to pay with a credit card over the phone. We will not be accepting cash or check payments at this time unless absolutely necessary.
  7. Always call ahead for any prescription refills and wait for confirmation that they have been filled before coming to pick them up. We will do our best to deliver these to you in your vehicle to limit your need to enter the hospital.
  8. Please use the restroom before coming to the hospital with your pet. Our restroom will be available only in emergencies.

Please do not personally come to the hospital if you or a member of your family has a fever, cough, or cold-like symptoms. In this case, please call for advice regarding your pet. We want to be available to help you and your pets now and for many years to come.

As we continue to receive more information about COVID-19, our modified protocols may change, as well as the time frame for which we implement them.  As always, please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

We wish you and your pets all the best health,

From the Doctors and Staff of Capitola Veterinary Hospital